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US Check Point in Iraq (MB 3591)

Maybe something that was not expected from the well known Ukrainian company is the set of American soldiers in Iraq. And of course the latter type of battle uniforms with the new pattern as known “the Digital Pattern”. The illustration of A. Karaschuk is as always amazing and gives the right impression to the viewer, but the version "Digital" is not exactly accurate, which of course is quite difficult for a painting with four figures. As far as I know, two or three modelers around the world have managed to paint this variation successfully and precisely. The modelers can easily use weathering and tricks (with enough dust) to succed a very realistic effect. The kit contains a total of 67 parts of polystyrene rigid plastic in beige colour with sufficient detail for the scale. Here the heads have beautifully carved heads and feautures and a carefull painting will exhibit them properly without the need to be replaced by other resin heads. On the back cover of the box, concise assembly instructions and color painting are provided (the colors are in codes of Vallejo). Surely this is a set with excellent value for money. For photos go to:


More information can be provided by the representative of Master Box in Greece: Plastimodellismo, Hippocrates 59, Athens, 210-3613011, website: www.pla.gr or directly from the company: Master Box Ltd, p.b. 4729, Dnepropetrovsk, 49094, Ukraine, e-mail: mb_ltd@ukr.net, website: www.mbltd.info.