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“Zum Sturm! Vorwarts!” ( Attack! Forward!) German Infantry, DAK, WWII era, North Africa Desert Battle Series (MB3593)

The Ukrainian company continues the interesting releases mainly in set of figures on the scale 1/35. This time is a beautiful theme from the North Africa Front that includes even and intense movement. Entitled with free translation "Attack! Forward!" and refers to German soldiers of Afrika Korps. The figures have excellent anatomy and drapery, as we are used to from the Ukrainian company, and the only thing that the most demanding modeller would change are the heads (new ones from Hornet or Verlinden). Overall, the kit includes 82 pieces of hard plastic polystyrene in beige colour, for the construction of five figures and also three more helmets with a fabric cover are offered for alternative uses. The weapons and equipment have sufficient detail and a careful painting will be exhibited properly. The fit of the parts is very good and with a little more use of polystyrene glue, the use of stucco will be minimized. Also, most pieces are free from the frills of the molds, and where there is some, they are subtle and can be removed easily and quickly, starting with a file and then with wet sanding paper. Note that on the back of the box there are instructions for assembly and painting (in color codes of Vallejo). Surely this is a set with excellent value for money. For photographs go to:


More information can be provided by the representative of Greece: Plastimodellismo, Hippocrates 59, Athens, 210-3613011, website: www.pla.gr or directly from the company: Master Box Ltd, pb 4729, Dnepropetrovsk, 49094, Ukraine, e-mail: mb_ltd@ukr.net, website: www.mbltd.info.