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The Hobby of Scale Modelling

A World in Scale

It is probably not widely known that the word modelling means hobby-dimensional rendering of real or imaginary objects into scale. There are different types of models, such as ships, cars, machinery, aircraft, tanks, figures, dioramas, models, fantasy, Star Wars, and more.

One can find the roots of modelling in antiquity. Among the archaeological finds are the wooden models of the whole army in battle formations buried in the tomb of a prince of ancient Egypt's 11th Dynasty. These Egyptian wooden figures had enough detail of weapons and clothing of the soldiers and are considered the first models in the world.

Man as a creative and restless creature, always looks for ways to develop skills and to express his artistic concerns. The hobby of modelling gives them the potential for growth and creativity. Certainly in the modern era, modelling little has changed, since one usually has no time to carve or create a model from scratch. Now the technological possibilities offered by models of plastic, wood or resin in parts are unlimited and the only thing to do is to read the assembly instructions well, using the appropriate tools in each case. Technological advances now provide perfect opportunities to capture even the finest detail, so that the finished model differs slightly from the actual object.

The most affordable and widely popular models are those made from polystyrene plastic. The pieces of the kit are mounted on a plastic frame and each piece represents a number. The guidelines contain detailed plans for the assembly in steps, including the number of each piece, where each one should be placed and the colour needed. Modelling is not an expensive hobby as many might think. To begin with, you can buy a model with all the necessary accessories (glue, cutter, paints, brushes) for about 20 to 30 euros. Of course the tools and paints will be used for many future creations.

Modelling is a creative and interesting hobby that combines fun with skill development. Building scale models will free the imagination to other worlds and times and help one escape from the stress and routine of everyday life.

If you have no desire to go play football or basketball on a rainy day, obtain the model you like, stay home and construct it, finding a nice and creative way to pass your time. And, who knows, maybe you can find a Leonardo da Vinci in you and actually like it!

Stelios Demiras

Professor of Physics

Chief Editor of the Greek Monthly Modelling Magazine
Model Expert